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I love stories. At their core, they are designed to interest, amuse, inform, question and may even change your perspective. My favorite stories come together while wandering around on travels, meeting and connecting with humans and exchanging stories. You can see the fire in a person’s eyes unfold as they share a bit of themselves with you. These are best acted out over some incredible food and a favorite cocktail or two.


I've always been a relationship builder, you can say its in my genes, and it led me to a career in Consumer Brand Marketing in Silicon Valley. Essentially, I create products and experiences that drive empowered digital health and wellness in people’s lives - because health and wellness is my passion. 

And at the heart of it all, I am as serial entrepreneur, a world traveler, a seasoned digital media technologist, an athlete, a musician, a gadget geek, an adventurer, an engineer, a doggie lover and mom, a lover of dangly earrings, a humanitarian, an innovator, an enthusiast of all things spicy and most importantly…out to drive change.

CONSUMER BRAND + marketing executive

TEdx + keynote speaker

serial entrepreneur


my story

I'm an Engineer by degree, who moved Silicon Valley in sunny California after being recruited by an amazing digital media tech startup company.  I spent years on the product side before moving over to the marketing side.  You can say that I've carefully designed my life.  Now, as a Chief Marketing Officer, I grow market share for brands in the Lifestyle and Digital Health & Wellness space by developing omnichannel marketing strategies that deliver humanized consumer experiences, deepen relationships and accelerate customer’s lifetime value. 

purpose + Passion

I believe that wellness is more than just the food you put into your body. Its the body, mind, spirit, and emotions all coming together to align around a life lived with intent and purpose.  I am an avid runner, gym-goer, and semi-professional Chef.  As a child and adult of food allergies, I created a wellness brand and share stories about my foodie lifestyle with food allergies. In 2010 I was honored to speak on the TEDx platform about this platform.  


For Public Speaking inquiries or if you just want to get in touch, email me at or fill out the form.



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